Hello, I’m Julie Lungaro.

Creative & Sr. Product Designer, transforming the way businesses build relationships at scale at Klaviyo in Boston.



For over 8 years, I have had the pleasure of working as a creative designer across branding, digital, and interactive projects. I am currently a senior product designer at Klaviyo (pronounced clay-vee-o), responsible for taking broad, conceptual ideas and turning them into something useful and valuable for our rapidly growing customer base. In addition, I am helping grow our design team as a thought leader in the space and leading the charge for the first design system product at Klaviyo

I'm originally from Northwest Arkansas but consider myself a New Englander, residing in the beautiful city of Boston since 2010. When I'm not designing, I'm doing my best to mentor other creatives at the Designlab, in addition to finding happiness in the little things in life.


Feel free to reach out if you want to connect. julie.lungaro@gmail.com